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Membership Services and Offers



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  • New low cost ethical loan:-  The Credit Union have decided to say thank you to the Local Authority for all the support they give us, by reducing the interest rate on loans for qualifying staff members. Interest rate will be 6.7% which is 12.68%apr, as a simple example a £1000 loan paid back in 12 monthly payments would cost a total of £1066.18p  over 24 months the total interest would be £129.34.

No setting up charges or early repayment penalties and free life cover against the loan. A member applying for their fist loan must have saved regularly for at least 13 weeks or 3 months and can apply for a maximum loan of three times their savings. When the 1st loan has been repaid the 3X multiple is no longer in force. A Credit Union is the most ethical way of saving, please remember there are only 8 pay days to Christmas.  OMG!!!!!!!


Thompsons Solicitors' Will-Making Service

Making a Will need not be complicated. This service can help you safeguard the interests of your family, friends and dependants – and you don't even have to visit them! Using the questionnaire, Thompsons can draft your Will from the information you provide. The service, normally £100 plus VAT (£117.50) for a single Will and £140 plus VAT (£164.50) for a joint Will is offered FREE to Unison members. For further details and to get started Click HERE

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UNISONplus Healthcare & Dental Plans:   UNISON 50plus Healthcare, UNISON plus Family Healthcare, UNISON plus Dental Care

For ALL members and their families.

  • Personal Injury Claim Information Information Click 1 and 2

 Whether you're on the job or outside the workplace, UNISON has a lot to offer its members. That's UNISON benefits - the added value of membership!

Special offers and discounts for UNISON members and their families on insurance, mortgages, motoring, holidays & travel, financial services and much more.

  • Learning and Organising Services (LAOS) offers a wide range of learning opportunities, which range from basic skills through to professional level qualifications for UNISON activists and members.

Rule book benefits
Full members are entitled to benefits paid out on: death, accident, fatal accident. Education and training grants are also available.